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Sunday, February 19


The lovely Michael now resides principally over at the Lizjournals - but you may not know that he was once a part of the almighty duo known as The Love Pavilion which inspired Fop to come into existence back in November 2003. We often try to get him and Crystal back together for a LP reunion tour, and while it doesn't look likely just now, you just never really KNOW about these things do you viewers. (Which is, incidentally, what Lee Latchford Evans said about Steps getting back together.) Anyway, we KNEW Michael would like this song, especially seeing as though Melanie C was not involved in its production, and we have NOT been disappointed. (ARE YOU CONFUSED. Head here won't you.)



In many ways, The Little Trees were like a younger, hotter Aqua, without the fat bald man cropping up to ruin their song every time the bridge came round, pushing out the kind of songs that stomp, in thigh high platform boots, all over the thin line between great pop and lunacy. And, like Aqua, they saved a dire film with a fabulous theme tune ('Help! I'm A Fish' being more 'Shark Tale' than 'Finding Nemo', comparisons with anything Will Smith has put his name to since The Fresh Prince being a thoroughly Bad Thing)

It's a shame they disappeared after only one single.


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