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Saturday, September 10


Right. What is happening here is that we are continuing something of an ANNUAL SPECIAL OCCASION, viewers! For a time, we've been threatening to "roll out" the Fop Symposium once again - one of this half-witted little blog's "greatest hits" from Fop Series 1. Last year, you may recall that we devoted quite some time to a detailed analysis of a brilliant piece of Australian pop history. This was "I'm So Excited (The Bum Dance)" by Sara-Marie and Sirens.* Man, did we bang on and on about every single near-identical track on that CD single. (Quite rightly so, though.) Then we considered that there'd be rather a lot of fun to be had if we invited some of the more impertinent blogs we liked to provide their thoughts on Ms Fedele (and her Sirens)'s attempt to "change pop forever". What happened then was both shambolic and historic. It was heart-rending, in fact. Eveyone had a "crack". Popjustice (really!), Ausculture, Glitter for Brains, Enthusiastic But Mediocre, the CFB girls, Crystal from whatever project she was pushing that week. The feeling of community was ABIDING. We all LOVED the Sara-Marie single. Except for those of us who didn't. BUT NEVER MIND ALL THAT.

So gather round once more, bitches, because we've asked all our favourite bloggers to bang out an appraisal of a genuinely timeless work of Danish pop. It is, of course, "Help, I'm A Fish! (I'm A Little Yellow Fish)" by The Little Trees.

Much more to follow over the coming days...FOP SYMPOSIUM 2005 HAS BEGUN, BLOODY!
Ausculture, Crystal, Glitter for Brains and Nadstown: Kindly submit your Symposium contributions FORTHWITH, won't you.

* These days, Sara-Marie is having a facking breast reduction ON TELEVISION. The internet also claims she has a career as a "keynote speaker". We're still waiting for her second single which will surely be THE HIT SHE SO SORELY NEEDS TO CHANGE HER BREASTS LIFE.


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