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Wednesday, June 8


Earlier today we promised to listen to nothing all day but a Ayumi Hamasaki CD single (name of "Dearest"). We have now had ENOUGH of this challenge and think we have bloody well completed it. We also have the following comments:

* We do like the song, but after doing the Ayumi all-day challenge, we feel a little bit unwell to be honest
* There are some GREAT handbag-ish remixes, such as the unimaginatively titled "Energized Mix". Our favourite remix of the eleven available, however, is called the "Depth Nostalgic Windmix" (and it seems like it's Ayumi's favourite too, since she's got a nice picture of herself frolicking round a giant windfarm on the inner sleeve, almost certainly for the purposes of baiting Australia's most rotund windfarm-hating reactionary, Andrew Bolt)
* We cheated at one point when we played "Heartbeat" by Annie when "Dearest" was driving us a bit mental. But it was only a momentary lapse and we put Ayumi back on straight away afterwards, so we don't think we should penalise ourselves

Result: Challenge met!

Wasn't this dumb


At 1:48 am, Blogger brendan said...

dearest is one of her DASAI(japanese for bogan)-est songs but it was all i could find. but every single she releases comes with a mountain of remixes. i shall do my best to dig up a fe moore gems (looks like its off to shimokitazawa for me).......


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