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Wednesday, June 8


Today, viewers, we have decided we are going to listen to NOTHING but this:

What is it: A maxi-single of a song called "Dearest" by Japanese pop queen Ayumi Hamasaki
From whence did it arise: From our kind Tokyo correspondent, Brendan, who sent us a little care package crammed full of astonishing J-pop a couple of weeks ago
How many tracks does this maxi-single contain: Eleven !!! (!!!)
But it's technically still a single, isn't it: Well, apparently
Japan does things kind of differently, doesn't it: Oh Yes
There'd be both dance mixes and ballad versions, presumably: FOR SURE. Every producer ever seems to have had a crack at it. Including Hex Hector, who turns out the usual.
Any good overall? It appears to be. We will confirm, however.

This will be listened to ALL DAY TODAY. Won't it be nice.


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