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Wednesday, June 8


Now, just before we begin our one-day-only Extreme Ayumi Hamasaki Appreciation Mania, we thought we might just let you know what songs we have on High Rotation on the Fop Player presently (and therefore endorse). Does anyone even care in the slightest about this IT IS THESE!

Tommy February6 Attention Please/Je T'aime, Je T'aime
Ivana Banfic Otisak Prsta *
Natalia I've Only Begun To Fight *
TM Revolution Albiero *
McFly Met This Girl
Mis-Teeq Best Friends
The Jayhawks Come To The River **
Britney Spears Intimidated
Lisa Scott-Lee U Sure Do (Live)
Shakaya Cinderella
Tiesto Endless Wave ***
Devendra Banhart The Body Breaks
Princess Superstar Super Fantasy
Jewel Break Me
Sinitta I Don't Believe In Miracles

Bardot ASAP
Ben Kweller I Need You Back
Jennifer Lopez Jenny From The Block
Kim Lukas Plain Jane
Air Remember
Da Buzz Key To My Heart
Kenickie Run Me Over
The Tamperer and Maya Feel It
Pink Save My Life
Sweet Sensation Love Child
Kylie Minogue Too Much Of A Good Thing (12 inch version off one of her Greatest Remix Hits CDs)

* Thank you to the ever wonderful Edward O who "hooked us", as they say, "up", with these. Did you KNOW, he is totally back on in the game again with A Whole New Flex, right over HERE. Alyson from the Pop and The Y sometimes guest stars!

** This is SUCH a DREADFUL song. Why it's on high rotation at Fop Towers we can't really say (especially consdering there's a far, far better song on that album called "Stumbling Through The Dark"). "Administrative error", perhaps

*** Has anyone ever noticed that this is basically the same song as "On A Night Like This" by Kylie, "Waiting For Tonight" by Jennifer Lopez and "If I Were You" by Candee Jay? It bloody is. Sing any of these songs over any other one, and you will have a NICE SURPRISE and a pretty "french round"/harmony sort of situation. DO IT, you SO won't be sorry.


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