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Thursday, June 28


I'm feeling a strange and urgent mixture of emotions about this:

Ricki-Lee Coulter wings it in style

From QConfidential

June 27, 2007 09:31am
Article from: The Courier-Mail

YOUNG Divas deserter Ricki-Lee Coulter has found a new pop music friend and will warble Hell No! on a specially made video clip with Coco, the cuckoo, on the Cartoon Network today.
Yes, she's working with animals.

The all-cartoon channel rarely has real people on air so Ricki-Lee's entry into the world of toons is a special moment in her career.

More special too because it's not a cover.

It was recorded at an Out of the Cage live event in Oz and has had some animation tweaking - that's for the cuckoo in the clip.

The former reality TV karaoke contestant, who Qconfidential last week revealed had quit the Young Divas to focus on her solo career, has also called on one of her former Idol mates for another video clip.

Ricki-Lee has Neighbours star Dan O'Connor appearing in a cameo role for her single Can't Touch It.

The shoot wrapped last week and the single will be released in the first week of August.

I was too upset when Ricki Lee resigned from the Young Divas to speak much about it, because I so desperately didn't want it to be so, and I knew it would be coming sooner or later. Then I felt an odd, bitter feeling about how deluded she is to think she can have a solo career in Australia, and considered it to be broadly emblematic of most people's inability JUST TO MAKE THE BEST OF SOMETHING MEDIOCRE WHICH IS ALL YOU WILL EVER HAVE IF YOU ARE TO BE BRUTALLY HONEST instead of constantly looking for something shinier and therefore better and with less Paulini involvement. We all have such wishes at times but don't you think it's a sign of maturity just to accept that life will never be the perfect Paulini-free tableau we believe we are entitled to and to just crack on and make the most of a fucking hilarious situation such as being placed in the cheapest but second most successful Australian girl band in history? Now you RIDICULOUS WOMAN, you have had to sing with a cartoon bird and it is very unlikely that this will have been a dignified experience for you.

What is going on in Ricki Lee Coulter's brain that would cause her to think that re-singing her own minor recent hit with a cartoon bird would be a great way to kick off mark 2 of her solo career? I also note the snide tone of the article, clearly written by a Young Divas hater but also someone who agrees with me about this particular issue ("The all-cartoon channel rarely has real people on air" is sardonically proffered as one of the many compelling reasons why Ricki Lee might feel proud of this latest career milestone.)

However, I mainly feel acutely embarrassed by this whole affair and everything associated with it - Ricki Lee, her management, the other Young Divas, the Australian music industry, the cartoon bird - it all causes me high levels of embarrassment and also anger. I feel so frustrated I want to kick something very hard and scream 'YOU ARE ALL IDIOTS! WHY DID YOU NOT ASK FOR MY VIEW ABOUT THE BEST WAY FORWARD FOR THE YOUNG DIVAS! I HAVE BEEN TAKING AN INTEREST IN THEM FOR SOME TIME NOW.' I am a gay after all and am really very good at rectifying situations such as the foregoing and I honestly believe that, if it were up to me, I could have sorted things out for Ricki Lee so she stayed on for another album, even if this meant putting up a netball ring for her on the side of the Young Divas tour bus and upgrading her BaByLiss equipment. A gay would also never suggest a female pop icon undertake a duet with a cartoon.

Anyway, this is just a massive wrong turn and whoever is responsible should be THROWN IN JAIL.

I sense that this post may have been a bit screamy and uneven and discontinuous so I will stop.


At 9:45 am, Anonymous Jess said...

It is also quite a brilliant post, and those of us who were subject to lengthy sessions of Young Divas 101 right before you left for London can attest to both your passionate enthusiasm for the group and its music, and your countless creative and clever ideas regarding the way forward for the ladies career-wise.


At 1:25 pm, Anonymous ruthlesshartless said...

in all foolishness and foolhardy ignorance, i have gone ahead and launched the beginning of my own solo career without the advice and guidance of your deft touch and inate pop intuition. there are no animatrons in my video, but i fear that six sixteen year old girls with feather fans surrounding my bustiered, fishnetted self, will not come up to the standard you hold for us aussie divas of the downunder land, and therefore will not be worthy of your high critique. i am wearing diamentes galore and have a showgirl headpiece. i can only hope a glimmer from the facet of a schwarovsky crystal will at least slightly peak the interest of one as 'on the money' as yourself.

yours in anticipation of approval,


At 11:26 pm, Blogger Adem IAR said...

What a beautiful post. As tears stream down my face from laughter, I can only read it over and over again. You need to post on here at the very least bi-daily Will. :(

Has Queen Lavinah replaced Netball yet?

At 1:32 am, Blogger Scott said...

I am enamoured of you all over again.

Also: a chipmunk and a cartoon bird! Isn't this somehow slightly wonderful and Bambi-like.

At 3:17 pm, Blogger Woodsman said...

Absolute genius.

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