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Sunday, May 20


But I'm serious! Do my good girlfriends, aka the Rubbish Bin of Aus.Idol-Related Pop, even exist anymore as 'recording artists'? I mean, obviously 'Searchin'' tanked but surely they would be putting 'Gloria' out quite soon to right the wrong? I can't believe a Google news search reveals exactly nothing about their prospects. Not long ago, such a search would yield page after page of helpful information about upcoming releases, daft things Kate de Rouge had seen fit to mutter in interviews to the Bendigo Times, fluffy articles about 'Which is the biggest bitch of the Young Divas' and other things that I would like to spend time carefully reading and sometimes printing out to have a little think about later, instead of completing my 'allocated tasks'.

The reason I am suddenly showing an interest is because I had a very interesting dream last night in which I had a long discussion with Paulini, who informed me that the second Young Divas album would be 'all 90s dance pop covers' apart from one song that De Rouge apparently insisted on writing herself called 'Ringworm' (a 'beautiful ballad'). The lead single will be a synth-pop cover of the Alex Party masterwork 'Wrap Me Up', according to Paulini, who also went on to express her concern for gays being marginalised by her awful religion. 'It's so backward really,' she was telling me. 'But I can hardly leave Hillsong now.' In the dream this seemed like a reasonable kind of appraisal so I didn't probe any further into what the fuck she really meant by this. Of course today I am like, where were my critical FACULTIES, what a stupid REMARK.

ANYWAY. Offensive Godbothering aside, can you imagine, at some point in October 2007, checking the ARIA singles chart on a Sunday and seeing this:

1 - 1 1 THE YOUNG DIVAS Wrap Me Up

would this actually be the chart position

In conclusion, if these bitches are still signed I'd be quite interested to know.


At 9:34 pm, Blogger Edward said...

It would not make Number 1, that would have Number 11 written all over it. Now, "Don't Give Me Your Life", the video edit, not the shameful "dancing divas" edit on MY copy of the CD single, that might be good for Number 7.

At 10:42 am, Blogger Woodsman said...

Stop Press: A poster for our very own Australian emblum has been spotted in the window of a Singapore "Lady-boy" bar which says "YOUNG DIVA'S COMING SOON".

Pic to be emailed shortly.

At 10:42 am, Blogger Woodsman said...

PS that aint how u spell emblem is it...stupid word.


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