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Sunday, February 25


Episode 1: Finland

If you had a look at some blogs presently you would think there is nothing good going to Eurovision this year, AT ALL. And admittedly there have been some strange omissions in some of the national selections. I am particularly distressed about Sweden denying everyone's favourite fame-obsessed scary-eyed maniac Linda Bengtzing another crack this year. But there are some lovely things going along. And I am trying to be positive presently!

Anyway, please consider the following, which is to be provided to Eurovision by the Finns: this is Hanna Pakarinen and 'Leave Me Alone'.


* It's like a Veronicas song reinterpreted by Evanescence!
* Some of it sounds like it could have Max Martin's fingerprints on it!
* Even though it's slightly inferior to that man's usual standard of output!
* It's pop dressed up as rock, which is the fashion!
* Everyone likes a 6-8 beat DON'T THEY!
* "Leave me alone! I want to go home! I don't want to see you so leave me alone!"
* Prominent wind machines IN FULL EFFECT.
* The missing key change is disappointing to me.
* Hanna Pakarinen won Finnish Idol in 2004!
* And she apparently used to be a forklift driver JUST LIKE EMILY WILLIAMS FROM OUT OF THE YOUNG DIVAS.
* Here is an artist's 'rendition' of same:

"Kiitos" to you, Hanna Pakarinen!

EDIT: Here, too, is the wonderful Linda Bengtzing and Markoolio duet (thank you to Popgoescanberra for nagging me to listen to it! Could a Swedish speaker please explain all the jokes.


At 9:50 pm, Blogger melodimen said...

The English lyric is here!

What a fab song!


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