I was faced with a choice, at a difficult age. Would I write a book, or should I take to the stage

Sunday, February 11


She was MERELY PASSABLE. Mainly because she looked like she was going through the motions, doing a G-A-Y PA in order to finance her extravagant Parisian lifestyle, rather than genuinely delighting in entertaining the most easily pleased gays in Christendom. Perhaps this has something to do with her being preoccupied with her creation 'Marcia Cross' and the concomitant acting career. Who can, eg, SAY.

Anyway, there wasn't too much Frenchy material but she omitted a number of key works, eg'La Luna, 'Summer Rain' etc. And she mimed most of 'Leave a light on' which was odd. It even FADED OUT at the end! Could she not have prepared some proper pre-recorded backing tracks with actual endings? APPARENTLY NOT. Apparel-wise, she was wearing a blouse from Maggie T's and some nice navy slacks, with sensible shoes. She shook a tambourine around when she became bored. And she made the funnies with some welcome self-deprecation. Including:

1. "So yeah, I have some new material. If you can believe it."

2. "Have you been drinking? Because the more you drink, the better I sound. Yep. That's what I always say."

3. "This next song's in French. Now who's that booing? (points to young man in the front) Was that you, buster?"

4. (prior to doing 'Circle in the sand') "You might know this next song. It's often played in elevators and supermarkets."

All things considered, REASONABLY GOOD.


At 12:00 am, Blogger Woodsman said...

I am soooo insanely jealous!

Did you consider taking along a big sign saying "We love you Slinkee Minx" or do you think she wouldn't have got it?


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