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Sunday, January 28


I'm quite certain that no one is interested (I barely am myself) but it's interesting to think for a minute about what has happened to the grotesque creation Cosima 'Kosovar' De Vito. I wouldn't have turned my tiny mind to this ridiculous act if I hadn't comedically misread the title of the latest effort of the equally distressing Joanna Newsom 'Cosmia', being lauded presently over at Ausculture. What I thought I saw was this:

Cosima - 'Joanna Newsom'

which I was hoping would be something along the insult/homage lines of 'Cheryl Tweedy' by Lily Allen. It isn't, very sadly. But it caused me to pop over to Cosima's dreadful website in an idle moment this afternoon to see if that woman is still what is known in certain circles as a 'going concern'.

I mean, I am well aware that Kosovar is pwned by Diane Warren. But I was still startled to read the following in her 'news' section, in relation to the inexplicable re-entry of 'When the war is over' in the AIR charts:

This is an amazing achievement and testament to the hard work and accomplishment that has been attained by Management's vision of re-branding and planning.

Very nice. I love that the language of this openly reads a bit like an annual report to placate suspicious investors in a wobbly start-up, ready to yank their money out of the wholly-owned Cosima corporate entity.

Further evidence of the strength of vision of the management of Cosima Holdings Pty Ltd (in liquidiation):

1. Support act on Demis Roussos tour!
2. The 'Cosima' entity performing with a live band, at Liverpool's Catholic Club!
3. An autograph signing (a propos of nothing, apparently) at North Ryde shopping centre!

Please don't let her join the Young Divas. VERY IMPORTANT.


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