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Tuesday, November 28


You know what was great about J-Mau? For me, it was the way that, given the choice, all she ever would have sung were Whitney and Mariah ballads. She just LOVES HER SOME WHITNEY AND MARIAH! Forget cred, forget Lily Allen, forget having an acoustic strumalong. Forget Lavina-style reheated R-n-B songs from the olden days. She simply likes to sing the works of her highly unfashionable childhood icons! It isn't remotely cool to like either of them and J-Mau does not care one whit! This is HUGELY ENDEARING.

I don't much care about Idol this year so have no view really about whether she should have won. But after watching the final, I DO think that 'Age of Reason' by John Farnham HAS to be the ALP's election anthem for 2007. Why has nobody thought about this! It encapsulates everything that is wrong with Australia-under-Howard in a way that Kim Beazley never could. What about the world, around us! What about the world! How can we fail, to see! What about the world! Ah-AH.


At 10:27 am, Blogger Woodsman said...

Mr Fop, what did u think about Teddy B coming out to concede the election to the sounds of Amazing by Alex Lloyd???

At 1:11 pm, Blogger Bowling Ball said...

Ahhhh, how puke-worthy was the final 12's rendition of Coldplay's Fix You. Ahh, the candles, the over-singing, and the choreographed sense of "meaning"...

At 12:24 am, Blogger Mel said...

What about "Playing to Win"?

Or that one that goes "Communication, am I getting through?/Do you do the work or does the work do you?"


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