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Wednesday, November 1


Surely you recall the frankly bonkers Carola, who reignited Sweden's Eurovision fortunes this year as follows:

She came 5th. A good result for Sweden, mainly due to:

* flags
* wind machines
* great song
* performance in the style of Nancy Wilson of Heart
* cannily shutting right up about her involvement in Livets Ord, the Scandinavian equivalent of the Hillsong Church, and pretending she never made any of her earlier nasty comments about gays

Anyway. After a voice-losing scare (16 Oct), Carola has her voice back (as of 31 October). Now she can continue to seek a more morally virtuous world. ("Fucken GREAT." - the nation of Sweden)

Her lack of voice also impacted on her car-parking skills (28 Oct).

Luckily, despite her tragic illness, Carola has found the inner strength (through prayer?) necessary to promote her hideous sumptuous "Carola's angels" festive dinner set.


And she can not stop banging on about this crockery to anyone who will listen:
"Carola’s angels: with their classical instruments, they form a wonderful symphony and create a joyful Christmas place setting. My Christmas has always included song and music. Angels resonate so much warmth that it is impossible for me not to be moved. I hope that you will decorate your table in this wonderful way, and welcome your family to christmas.

With love,


At 11:44 am, Blogger Scott said...

I love that Dakota Fanning is advertising tableware in Sweden.

Do you think Christmas-themed crockery is very versatile.

Do you think Mariah owns a set (she would be cavorting with a reindeer in the centre of the plate).

At 12:08 pm, Blogger said...

I'm still laughing at the car parking effort. I haven't even begun dealing with the dinner set.


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