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Wednesday, November 22


Carola, readers, was in Las Vegas recently, to see Celine Dion’s show. Allegedly she travelled there with her horseriding instructor, Tobias Larsson. Neither Carola nor her agent will comment on whether or not Tobias and Carola were in Las Vegas together. They won’t comment on the alleged romance’s existence either.

EDIT: The plot thickens: Tobias has said: "I already have a girl, and it’s not Carola". :(

Can I just say too that Carola's last album is really strong, impressive pop?

I didn't wish to like it due to all the churchy things and Carola's overall offensiveness on so many levels but it's undeniably a prize pick. Genom Allt is very special indeed. See her sing it here as "paus-entertainment" at a recent Melodifestivalen!

I think this song might be about Our Lord but because my Swedish is very limited, I am currently pretending that this is simply not the case.


At 11:58 am, Blogger sjusju said...

Does that say "only god can judge me" on her sleeve?

In which case, if that is her general belief, then maybe it is a pretty benign form of happy clappy christianity. Because if only god can judge carola, then it must be the same for everyone else, and it would be very odd of her to start judging people who don't follow the same religion / life as her.

And obviously she's not adverse to playing to the gay. (perhaps she feels she is "spreading the word" but at least it is done in a hate-free way) I'd tend put her in the slightly daggy but benign god-botherer basket rather than the nasty hidden agenda evangelopop "burn the lesbians" chapter.

If chintzy christmas crockery is the worst of it, I think she's fine.

At 12:32 pm, Blogger said...

Despite whatever she may or may not have said about the gays, there's no denying she's working overtime to win their love back. And the new album is fan-fucking-tastic, one of the better LP's i've heard this year.

Will, I am loving just how much Carola related news you've indulged us with here of late. My mother simply loved the photos of her car parking attempt too...


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