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Tuesday, October 24


I'm trying to think about blogging again, about what I used to do here. I'm not sure that I can make any commitment to having an online life - at least, not at the moment. Is it worth me putting up the occasional thing here? I do, periodically, have remarks to make. Mainly in relation to the Young Divas (speaking of which, does anyone have any information about Anne Robinson's original inclusion in the Divas, and her subsequent removal once Ricki-Lee was binned off into that particular quartet? "Personality reasons", is what I am hearing.). So basically those girls are nothing but a trussed-up Stock Aitken Waterman covers act, is that how it is? If so, GREAT. Other matters I believe we need to discuss here are:

* Lisa Mitchell's consistently lovely outfits on Idol

"Bonjour mes amis!"

* Paulini's interesting claims that she is now a size 10. Ausculture Jess tore herself away from her beloved Myspazz long enough to provide the following 'appraisal' of the situation:


Seriously. Is she taking the mickey or are the publicity department just using very, very old photos of her?

Nice message too, btw. "Weight doesn't matter and everyone's beautiful in their own way and I want to show girls that being healthy and happy is more important... or at least until I find a cheap deal for TrimSpa, in which case SUCK IT FATTIES, I'M A SIZE TEN AND NOW A MUCH BETTER PERSON THAN I WAS WHEN I WAS SCOFFING PIES FROM HILLSONG'S FRIDAY NIGHT DANCE PARTY'S CATERING TABLE"

* I now love Anthony Callea, quite possibly. Because of his nice new haircut you see
* And am apparently writing this blog in the first person singular again. I feel nude. But this is a transition that we all have had to make is it not.

* RuPaul's excellent blog. I am telling you. You won't leave.

Oh and then there is all the other business, the 'professional crisis' and so forth. You see, recently I *commences interminable and highly indulgent description of various anxiety inducing matters that would take literally days to place here in an electronic format*

"I! I want you to know! I! I love you so! I! I won't let go! This time! This time!"


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Good to have you back!


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