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Tuesday, February 28


Oh look. Sorry about all the grumpiness in the below post. We’re really just irritated by this which happened yesterday in the ARIA singles chart:

26 - NEW 26 BIOLOGY Girls Aloud

That was pretty bad. The album isn't even top 50! We're so disappointed and even though we'd like to ask WHY this has happened, Girls Aloud are lazy and they didn't do enough promotion; why would you fly them all the way out here first class to do only three shitty TV shows and nothing else! No club PAs, no shopping centre signings, ZIP. What a WASTE OF TIME; who is RESPONSIBLE for this complete shemozzle; we really do blame Universal Australia for fucking it all up it's unfortunately very hard to say whose fault this all is.

Further. We find the following additionally galling in these difficult times:



*stamps FOOT*

At least Kate de Rouge is tearing up the top 10 and breathing some much needed life into the Idol franchise in this country:

8 - NEW 8 FADED Kate DeAraugo

This is a really good song! And the best thing about it is the chopped-up de Rouge vocals in the middle 8, where Kate goes, most improbably, "Faded, hated! You try to fit! Fit me in a perfect box!" And in the video she mimes along to the lot as though that's the way she actually sung it in the first place when it's CLEARLY sampled bits of other lines she sings in the song, all digitally pasted together "for effect" and run through about ten filters.

We can't emphasise enough how great it is that Kate de Rouge mimes along to this bit in her video. It harks back to a time in pop when it didn't matter if people knew you were miming, when things didn't need to be live to be good, when popstars would sing along to their own samples. Good job, Kate de Rouge!


At 4:34 pm, Blogger Jellyfish said...

Oh, I get it now. Yeah, that is weird. Condolences. Meanwhile, I have to hear every little girl aged under 10 singing word-perfect renditions of that disgusting Pussycat Girls song.

At 8:52 am, Blogger Scott said...

All I want to know is what a perfect box is. Is this some subtextual lesbian anthem?

At 3:12 pm, Blogger said...

Surely it will rise next week.

Don't the ARIA statistics for the week close on a Friday now, and the new week begins on a Saturday? The Girls were only here for 1 day of the previous weeks chart, so If you look at it that way, the only way is up.

I'm not often this optimistic but for christs sake, i've got to be right this time.



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