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Sunday, February 26



SO BORING! Rather like eating a cardboard box! Well crafted, technically excellent, MAYBE SO! But who cares about that when the fact remains that we walked out of it in a stupor. You could easily go comfortably to sleep in this film. Even all the actors in it looked bored. Perhaps things were just more boring in the olden days (when this film is set). It's hard to say.

We didn't really know anything about Truman Capote before seeing this passionless, futile and formalistic piece of filmmaking and we certainly hope never to read anything he has written after this terrible experience.


At 3:11 pm, Blogger Clem said...

Also BORING and similarly dangerous to admit as such is Walk The Line. SNOREFEST. But try telling that to the millions of furiously spoofing (and I mean that in the creaming sense, not the 'making fun of' sense) Cash fans.

At 10:24 am, Blogger Woodsman said...

Surely it couldn't be as boring as Brokeback Mountain.

Nobody can deny that the real synopsis of that snorefest is that it is about a gay shepherd and his housewife who stays at home to cook and clean and the one time she goes to pick up the shopping she falls off her horse and gets into a tizz. The shepherd and his wife get sacked for ineptitude and cos it gets a little chilly and they continue a life of being closeted fuckbuddies for the next 20 years cos one of them can't commit.


Dont even go there about them being Cowboys - there will be more competent cowboys on a float down Oxford Street this weekend.

That is all.

At 11:15 am, Blogger Fop said...

Oh my GOD, we are going to have to do a EXTREME BORING FILMS DEPRECIATION MANIA now. It will be a special Oscar Nominees 05 edition. All these views will be canvassed. And more.


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