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Monday, February 27


Look what we have received!

Dear FOP

I have not seen “Capote” yet. I am looking forward to it.

Your lack of knowledge about this great writer and his accomplishments bathes in the underbelly of your inept, insufficient, intolerable review of this film and the life of Truman Capote.

Blogging is a privilege borne out of mans need to espouse his thoughtless views to an otherwise stupid and unintelligible community living in cyberspace. Please continue to blog this mindless rubbish, but I will no longer be taking part in it.

Long time reader, first time abusing letter to the editor.

David ********

Well, that's lovely isn't it (particularly "bathes in the underbelly"). To be fair, we probably were a bit quick to dismiss the entire life and oeuvre of Truman Capote on the basis of one bad and boring film. Scott2BC was similarly unimpressed with us on this basis. Anyway, we've alienated our reader! We are very sorry! But we still hated Capote the film. And the film did nothing to inspire interest in Capote's writings. IS THIS NOT PROBLEMATIC. AND ARE WE MEANT TO HAVE READ ALL THE FAMOUS WRITERS. Sorry, we're clearly remiss! Maybe we need a list of authors to read (and perhaps some Neil Young CDs to listen to while we read them). Make sure they're all white men from the olden days!


At 11:24 pm, Blogger Angus said...

Well, I liked Capote, but I like Fop too. Do I have to choose? (If I do, I choose Fop.)


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