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Monday, January 2


It's 2006, no longer 50 degrees in Melbourne and we have a day off. So there's really no reason not to eat a little cake on a decorative plate and make a few half-arsed resolutions for la nouvelle annee. We only really have one worth sharing, which is to be a better and more responsible blogger. In 2005 we were really pretty shit, all things considered. It's pretty amazing if you're still reading, particularly if you're one of the people we asked to review Help I'm A Fish and whose review we neglected to put up (this is being rectified TODAY, we are so sorry! Thank you for your patience!).

We really are put to shame by people like Edward O, who is currently in the process of counting down his top 100 songs of 2005, and providing brilliant, incisive and complex analyses of each one, and Jess Ausculture who can uproot her whole life and move to a city where she has NOTHING (<-- not strictly true) but still give higher quality and more incendiary commentary than pretty much anyone going around, the CFB Ladies, who are effortlessly funny, (frequently) expansive and wonderful every post they do and continue to lead the popblog pack in many ways, and the terrifyingly good I'm Always Right which is basically the Australian Popjustice these days. We've sort of accepted that we'll never be as good as people like that but we'd like to stay open this year, if ONLY to finally put up the fucking Help I'm A Fish reviews (doing it RIGHT NOW). We also still quite like it here. So we won't be on here every day, but we'll try to keep the two posts per week thing going that was working quite well for us mid-2004... plus we really need to talk about Australia's reaction to the Rogue Traders album with you for a really long time. And spill about an idea for a blog play we want to write with Scott, To Be Certain about Leah and Sarah McLeod and their curmudgeonly housekeeper. And discuss what happened when we took the thinking lady blogger's choice I'm On Your Computer to see Girls Aloud in London recently (and when he took US to see Turbonegro at the SCARIEST GIG EVER). And explain the brilliance of "As Good As New" by ABBA (thank you, Popgoescanberra for this utter GEM). And consider how boy genius Kenneth Nguyen can save The Age newspaper. So please, stick around can you! We'll knit you mittens and bake you pie, as Robyn would say. Possibly.

Will xx

"Hello, I'm dreadfully shit aren't I."


At 1:07 pm, Blogger popgoescanberra said...

About time!

At 8:46 pm, Blogger said...

here bloody here!!!


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