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Thursday, January 12


Or at least, it WILL be, from the perspective of THE MIGHTY GIRLS ALOUD who are GOING TO BE HERE IN AUSTRALIA! SOON! To promote things! We've just spent almost an hour photoshopping a picture of Shirley Clamp into the group as an extra member to celebrate (the result can only be described as "embarrassing to all concerned")! And to make matters even more surreal, Kimberley, the fourth best Aloud, has just had a bus named after her by a number of children of some description!

It's all so overwhelming, so luckily the magnificent pairing of I'm Always Right and CFBgoespop has brought us all an Australian online presence for all things Girls Aloud Australia. We expect to be refreshing this site like maniacs over the next 1.5 months in the hope that news of a performance for the gays or a Tweedy-Roberts spritzer-tasting evening has been announced.

Go there and get ready!


At 10:44 pm, Blogger popgoescanberra said...

Show us Shirley in Girls Aloud! Please!


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