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Tuesday, January 17


Do you like LeAnn Rimes, viewers?

Of course! In case you're not sure, here's the correct order to like the famous Rimes siblings:

1. LeAnn
2. Busta.

LeAnn wins!

And in other great news, LeAnn has been hard at work hammering out an interesting journal entry over at her website, RimesTimes. LeAnn posted this yesterday:

"Well today has been crazy. I have been trying to work on my European album and make a ton of phone calls. It's hard to juggle the European album, a photo shoot and video, and video for Something's Gotta Give, all at the same time. My brain is fried. I am sitting here getting a pedicure and I still can't stop and relax. Oh well I am not complaining, just venting a little. Other than that life is good. Ok I am going to try to relax and stop writing."

Amazing things about this:

1. She's getting a pedicure and is on the internet at the same time

1. A European album!

2. Which means dance mixes!

3. Like she did with Twisted Angel when Riva and Almighty "et al" were drafted in to produce sped-up versions of everything!


Oh viewers we are SO FUCKING EXCITED for the Euro album (as long as it’s a high-grade pop album like Twisted Angel). We bet she will commission a lot of gayer than gay dance mixes too, at least for the singles. She calls herself a "favourite of DJs" in one of her other journal entries. So! Put your money where your mouth is, Rimes! We've heard clips of a few of the songs and they are, to put it mildly, a departure.

We reiterate that we are so excited about LeAnn Rimes's forthcoming pop album! TWO NEW VIDEOS! This is amazing! We wonder if the promo is going to be big for the release to try and really establish LeAnn Rimes, favourite of DJs, as a European pop act? It really isn't that much of a stretch as you can see below:

This is such great news!


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