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Saturday, January 7


She's been gone so long, the Kylie, that it's time for some irregular remembrances, we feel. Take "One Boy Girl", a work of considerable excellence (and one of her first non-SAW songs TO BOOT). And it's where Kylie-rap was invented (see also "Secret (Take You Home)", "Shocked", other)

Best bits:
1. The Poetess - "Hey yo Kylie."

Kylie (nonchalant, noncommittal) - "Mm hmm?"

2. "I'm sorry but I'm bizz-ee."

3. Multiple orchestral crashes (the style at the time)

4. Highly sassy call/response backing vocals

5. (jaunty,faintly unconvincing Kylie-rap): "Yeah that's a fact."

6. The Poetess: "Well, let me break it down like this."

Kylie (unconvinced): "Yeah, right."

7. "No other love. (whispered) No other love. No other touch. (whispered) No other touch."

8. The way this is chopped up nonsensically for the 50+1 compilation that Kylie once descibed as the only album she's made that she's ashamed of, so the rap starts with: "Hey yo Kylie. Mm hmm? Hoo! Hey yo Kylie. Mm hmm? Hoo! Hey yo Kylie. Hey yo Kylie. Hey yo Kylie. Mm hmm? Hoo!"

9. "But I, don't need a load-a guys, to pump up my self-esTEEM."

10. The fact that the second verse commences with Kylie muttering, "Uh, check it out."

11. Sophisticated Kylie ad-libs "to fade"

12. The high level of this song's quality overall

This is obviously the song that Chanel Cole should have performed on Australian Idol's comedy RnB night (or Kelis "Trick Me" which we kept saying at the time, to everyone's utter disgust).


At 8:33 pm, Blogger divinetrash said...

Man, I love that song. In fact, the whole 'Rhythm Of Love' album deserves some kind of revival. (Although I probably just think that because I was in love with her during that era as an impressionable 5-year-old.)

I remember when I finally bought the album (early last year in a fit of nostaglia over the singles, which are all so good!) I discovered 'One Boy Girl' and it was love at first sight... or listen. I later subjected every single one of my friends to a listening because of the incredibly high lame factor. I felt that I needed to spread the word, you know! Anything involving a Kylie rap (particularly 'One Boy Girl') is deliciously cringe-worthy.

Love your blog, by the way.

At 3:52 pm, Blogger Fop said...

Thank you for the nice words!

And RoL is pretty well universally acknowledged as one of her best albums - if not THE best. So it's good that you finally got it. And the One Boy Girl rap is GENIUS - the word MUST be spread. She never performs One Boy Girl live though, which really disappoints me.



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