I was faced with a choice, at a difficult age. Would I write a book, or should I take to the stage

Friday, November 18


Kindly "get across" the following can you:

1. Parker Posey is currently living in Sydney! Potts Point, to be precise.

2. She has reportedly TRASHED HER POSH APARTMENT there! (You see she's scratched the marble, the toilet brush is missing and she's spilled something on the carpet, from what we can glean from off the electronic lattice.)

3. Which she's been renting with her boyfriend, name of "Jason Rail" (below)!


4. Parker told the apartment's owner that she was actually a man and to please stop sending the cleaner round!

5. But now it seems they rather need the cleaner AFTER ALL!

6. The owner is nonplussed ("You could hardly say the damage was caused by the usual wear and tear")

That, is OUR PARKER (unless it was Rail). If she must make these dreadful blockbuster films from time to time to keep herself in gins and tonic, we're quietly pleased to see such audacious behaviour served up as a sidedish. GREAT!


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