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Friday, November 18


Oh, we are SO supporting this one...

Laura Gissara! To perform the official song for the Australian World Cup team!

Just look what the CFBgoespop ladies have initiated! This is the brilliant email Alyson sent to Football Australia...

Hi guys!

Like most Australians, I am now firmly on board your bandwagon in regards to the 2006 World Cup - I offer my most sincere congratulations, and now like most Australians, now feel fully qualified to talk about our inability to take corners, what a horrible nation Uruguay is, and the shape of the defence post Farina. I will also hate any country that we play, even if it's Togo.

That said, I wanted to discuss an important manner - the World Cup song. You see I feel it's important (and I'm sure you've thought of this) that we send our boys off with a rousing official single. This IS important, England have twice sent their team to soccer tournaments with tuneful hopeful songs (3 Lions and World In Motion) and twice made the semi finals. Alternately, Scotland sent their 98 World Cup team off with the horrendous "Don't Come Home Too Soon" by Del Amitri, and haven't been to any tournaments since!

I'm urging that you consider Australian Idols Laura "The Giss" Gissara for this important job. The Giss is Italian, and thus a genuine lover of soccer. Like Australias team, she's an underdog who's copped heaps of crap but come up smiling at the end. She's also very photogenic, smiling, and would be a tremendous ambassador for our nation. Plus, she writes her own songs, so I know that even if you wanted an original tune she could provide, but I like to think a cover of "Land Down Under" would be simply amazing.

The World Cup single is FAR too important to given to pub rockers like, say, Bernard Fanning or a plastic fan like Shannon Noll, so I really hope that we can send our boys off with a happy tune (I will also accept the Veronicas, Danielle Spencer's Blast Off or Ready to Go by Republica).



Good one! And just who else do they think they're going to get to sing it? Because if they give this to job Anthony Callea, things could get really unpleasant. (Although. Did Anthony really perform at the anti-IR reforms rally in Melbourne on Tuesday? Just before opening the Myer Xmas Windows? Little Anthony with all the burly union men? Singing "The Prayer" to rightly stick it up Howard? It would be one of the best things ever if that has actually happened, while also being one of the absolute worst.)


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