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Tuesday, October 11


Dear Minogue, D

We've been a bit quiet about this for a time because we considered it to be a great joke. But now that it appears not to be: Are you REALLY thinking you are going to relaunch yourself successfully with the utter pap that is the misleadingly-titled "Perfection"? Was your Neon Nights reinvention for nothing? Of course, All Around The World records is almost certainly to blame for turning you into something of a Kelly Llorenna tribute act. But we can't help but feel a bit sad about thae fact that your career IS AN ABSOLUTE DISGRACE THESE DAYS! Pick up your act Dannii! If only for the gays who love you so. We won't just buy any old tat! (Except those of us who will.)

If you have any queries, please call.

Oh no you di'nt just release another "big in the clubs" thing with some vocals slapped over the top at the last minute/Bitch please

Yours faithfully

PS: What, also, is happening with your Costas Mandylor film about the Melbourne public transport system "Except East Richmond"? BECAUSE IT ISN'T ON THE INCORRECT MOVIE DATABASE! Does this film even exist, Dannii? DOES IT, YOU DREADFULLY LAZY WOMAN?

PPS: We do still love you forever. But please GET IT TOGETHER, bloody


At 4:29 pm, Blogger Scott said...

Thank all manner of deities for your re-appearance, Fop. Please keep it up i.e. post things every five minutes.

Also, what is with the Body Language tribute text, on that sleeve?

At 8:36 pm, Blogger popgoescanberra said...

The entity that is PopGoesCanberra disagrees with you entirely and believes that "Perfection" is...wait for it...PERFECTION! We've been hitting the streets of Canberra while chanting "how can you be so damn perfect...boy...boy...YOU'RE PERFECTION!" Maybe because the weather is shit in Melbourne you aren't feeling it's summery goodness! Fly Ryanair to the Cote d'Azur, hire a Dannii boat and start performing those moves. Alternately, stay on shore and stand on rocks and do funny positions while getting burned to a crisp.


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