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Monday, October 31



1. As you know, we love Gretel Killeen an awful lot round these parts, and like nothing more than measuring the value of things in tiny Gretels. But while she's off-air (having quite possibly gone to the snow, with Lisa Ho), can we just say that we also love Andrew G! Always have. And we forget to talk about it all the time because we're busy banging on about Gretel, Dannii and whoever we like from off Australian Idol and Junior Eurovision. But he is an utterly beautiful man in every respect. Do you not think? He is a vegan! He has nice hair and nice eyes! He loves Thai food, snowboarding, scrabble and safe sex! He is just so funny and sweet and slightly-too-earnest and way more self-deprecating than you would expect and KINDLY JUST APPRECIATE HIM, BITCHES:

That's what it's all about, isn't it? That's what it's really about. REALLY ABOUT

2. We confirmed for ourselves on Saturday night that "Company" by Stephen Sondheim is the best play, musical or non-musical ever, when we viewed this production of same. This show is a complicated, edgy piece of musical theatre, all about being in a couple, or not being in one. It's the sort of show where if you just explain the story, it doesn't sound like much at all, but all the composite pieces add up to something truly magical and affecting.

Anyway, this woman's name is Margaret Paul:

She played Marta in Company. And she is a STAR. In fact, we drunkenly bailed her up on Saturday night, after the show, and announced: "Excuse me. But you are a STAR. A STAR!" She proceeded to be good-natured about this but we were probably a bit over-awed (and encouraged to approach Ms Paul by Fluffyasacat, who was there too). Please understand that Margaret Paul is a sort of fabulous composite of our hilarious friend Robyn, who writes sometimes for Popgoescanberra and Claire from out of Six Feet Under.

Do watch out, for Margaret Paul!

3. The t.A.T.u. single has dropped out of the Australian top 50 after one week! IS ANYONE PROMOTING THEM HERE AT ALL? Our potted maidenhair fern could frankly do a better job of this than the relevant people at Univeral Australia.


At 12:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm I have heard through the grapevine that Andrew G isn't a nice boy at all if you are one of his "ladies"...and I don't mean that in the good way.

Apparently you have to pretend he doesn't know you if he sees you on the street and just be there when he wants you there. Hmm ok so I guess he isn't alone in this one - guys can just be dicks sometimes.

At 3:15 pm, Blogger Edward O said...

I like all those things, except snowboarding which I have never done, GIVE ME A TELEVISION SHOW. Except don't as I'd be lousy on TV. I wish I hadn't told everyone ever my "Andrew G has been in my house" story or I would now tell my "Andrew G has been in my house" story.

At 3:55 pm, Blogger Peter said...

That "glog" post was perhaps the most boring thing I have ever read. I may have blacked out momentarily from low brain activity.

At 4:13 pm, Blogger Fop said...

Pete: HA! Well, yes, some of poor Andrew G's blog isn't very interesting I suppose. But I find it rather endearing, the way he blethers on earnestly about guitars and delicious vegan food and having exercise and using condoms. Did you read the bit about how his friends hot embroiled in a street argument on his behalf?

Edward: You should tell your Andrew G-has-been-in-my-house-story! I never tire of it. (Though, it would be better for the story if he had been there for a game of scrabble, rather than the real reason he was there. Which is still interesting, don't get me wrong.)

Anon: I see. But you know what - I would do this for him! I really would. I would pretend I didn't know him and wait patiently for my booty call (does he actually like boys).

At 6:30 pm, Blogger popgoescanberra said...

I don't think I've heard the story Edward! I'm not part of "everyone"!

At 11:04 am, Blogger Mel said...

Andrew G's hair is not good. Sometimes I actually feel embarrassed for him when it see it on the telly.


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