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Thursday, October 13


"Everyone must stand alone"

Dear Kate "De Rouge" (<-- that's not how you say it!!!) from off Australian Idol

Now. We have determined that you must sing "Like A Prayer" this week, being as it is 80s theme night. Imagine if Lee gets that song; he will WRECK it completely, smiling all "the while". Is it too late? Surely not. Get that bonkers Erena woman on the case! If Melanie C can see fit to perform this song, anyone can.

Also, look what the internet says about you!

* Kate is the best this series she picks the best songs and she doesn't have tuckshop laddie arm

* Ohh man she has hurt her ankle

And that is basically it, Kate.

We'll be watching you tonight on Inside Idol at thirty kittens past seven, to see what you are singing. (We reiterate that this should be "Like A Prayer", originally performed by Madonna Esther Ciccone. Do not forget to start with "God?"; this is very important indeed.)

Love from Fop


At 12:09 am, Blogger said...

Surely, if the 'Giss were still in the running, she would have no question chosen 'Into The Groove'.

At 2:39 pm, Anonymous Manxzilla said...

Riddle me this, Fop. If Chanel Cole had performed Blondie's 'Heart of Glass' (as I think you perhaps suggested) or my personal pick of 'Total Control' by The Motels last year, would she have gone on to win the competition?


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