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Sunday, September 11


We are, as you know, in the middle of Extreme Nikki Webster Appreciation Mania Gretel Killeen Month The Queensland Pop Diaries The Fop Symposium for 2005, but do you KNOW: we feel morally bound to tell you all that we have spent the morning listening to this (as well as some exquisite Swedish pop delightfully provided by Pop Goes Canberra ):

What it is, is THE NEW ALBUM BY THE LITTLE KIM! And it's as brilliant, unorthodox and resonant as you'd expect for the all-important pre-prison release by a woman as unfeasibly excellent as Kim.

It is called "The Naked Truth". It is out on 27 September. We will tell you some more shortly, but "Lighters Up", the first proper single, is utterly wonderful (even if it is the sort of thing that The Fugees would have phoned in during the days before Lauryn Hill had "various difficulties") and can be streamed here (don't right-click). Not the sweary version sadly, but ALL IN GOOD TIME etc etc

Nikki Webster WOULD SURELY be evoking a sizeable maelstrom of anticipation about this (for, as we love reminding everybody, LIL KIM IS ONE OF NIKKI WEBSTER'S FAVOURITE ARTISTS!).


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