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Friday, July 29


MARGARET POMERANZ: I'm not a major Huppert fan. I wish I was.

DAVID STRATTON: I never understand why not 'cause she's a great actress.

MARGARET POMERANZ: No, I don't think she is.

DAVID STRATTON: Oh, yes she is.

It may just be the transcription, but Margaret's flat dismissal of Isabelle Huppert, and David's furious retort in her defence, invokes a rare crotchety brilliance, don't you reckon? This highly entertaining, impassioned bickering over willowy contemporary French actresses is why At The Movies continues to be one of the best things ever. For letting them go, SBS ought to suck a number of eggs. Particularly considering how painful/ghastly the following people are to watch:

We also understand that their horribly unkempt DVD reviewer who isn't allowed on the main set of the show for some reason:

is a member of Hillsong or similar. JUST SO YOU KNOW.

Thank you Scott, To Be Certain for the Mags and David transcript.


At 10:25 am, Blogger Derek said...

I *used* to think that DVD reviewer guy was the best thing about that show. Not anymore though, not after this frankly mind blowing Fop-exclusive expose.

At 9:48 am, Blogger Hules said...

I'm not normally a viscious or violent person.

But Megan Spencer and her repulsive arrogant wanker co-host whose name I cannot remember becuse I'm blinded by hatred for him, should be stood up against a wall and shot schappelle style. We might as well get that frizzy-haired, girly-voiced freak in on the act as well.

David and Margaret (or Margaret and David depending on whose side you take in their many lover's tiffs) reign supreme.

At 2:18 pm, Blogger Rubydot said...

Afterwards I can never remember a single film they've reviewed because I've spent the last half hour TRANSFIXED by Megan Spencer's HIDEOUS DANGLY EARRINGS.


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