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Thursday, July 7


Back in about 2003, we used to LOVE Lil Kim. Obviously we still do completely, but you know, back then it was like:

1. Lil Kim
2. Kylie
3. tATu

And just because she's been recently supplanted in our "best girls" list by Robyn, Annie and Candee Jay, it doesn't mean for a SECOND that we're not horrified about her getting "banged up". (will she be alright in that jail)

But you know what takes the edge off it a bit? It's the fact that there's finally some information about Kim's upcoming release schedule. We have for you this, which we nicked off the Kylie boards this morning:

The album is called "Naked Truth", and the first single which is called "Shut Up, Bitch!" premiered on New York radio MINUTES AGO.

Album drops September 13th, 6 days before she enters prison.

Wheeeeee. And, Poor The Little Kim.


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