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Monday, July 25


We haven't abandoned ship, so just stop your DISGUSTING SNIVELLING can you. This week we'll be shrieking about these things:

* The Little Trees 'Help, I'm A Fish! (I'm A Little Yellow Fish)' (FINALLY!)
* Margaret Cho (WONDERFUL!)
* The Lil Kim business (SORDID!)
* Kelly Llorenna Rowland Clarkson (MAYBE!)
* The fact that we now completely LOVE Shakaya, on the basis of THIS brilliant, if rather unorthodox take on "interview diplomacy in respect of dreadful but far more successful labelmates":

What are you looking forward to as a group?

Simone: Being given more than about twenty cents to spend on our videos.
Naomi: Hahaha! Definitely! When you think about how much Delta gets for hers. They definitely give her far more to work with than they give us. They just turn into complete tightarses when it’s time to make a Shakaya video, hahaha!
Simone: Delta does sell a bit more than we do though.
Naomi: Not lately she hasn’t been! Her second album didn’t do what they thought it would.
Simone: Yeah, ‘cos she’s so bloody boring. Let’s talk about something else.

Good DAY.


At 11:49 pm, Blogger The Student said...

I've always liked the shorter of the two Shakayayaya girls, very cute.


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