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Friday, June 17


Do you know what we now have? THIS:

See that? Geri's new album. And: it's a bit underwhelming, to be frightfully honest. But we love Geri, and we are possibly only saying such a thing because we're just coming off the giddy high that is the Robyn album, meaning that we have been listening to almost nothing for the last two weeks except the best CD of the last two years. Nothing could possibly come close to the Robyn at the moment, and that isn't really Geri's fault. (Unless it is.) There seems to be some alright songs on this, particularly "Let Me Love You More", which we need to listen to a few more times to be sure it's actually OK. But there is some crap too, which is unusual for a Geri album isn't it.

Really, it's FUCKING AMAZING that a solo Spice has actually fulfilled her three-album contract without getting dropped and we should all be amazed/thankful for THAT. But this album is apparently selling very badly and by all accounts this is likely to be the end of the road. So in view of that, this whole album is really quite poignant and sad, as it presents itself in many respects as a sort of unwitting farewell gift - one whose recipient is too clueless to realise she's going anywhere. This is almost certainly the last we will get from Geri's solo pop career for the foreseeable future - and it definitely isn't THAT bad an album. Any other week of the year we'd surely be going faintly mental about it. It's just the incredible Robyn album messing everything up, you see.

Oh yes, she professes her love for each of the four Spices in the (appallingly written) credits, which is a terrific sign.

Now, here's another picture of the Robyn album:


At 8:49 pm, Blogger Edward O said...

Actually, I think it's fairly dismal, Fop! "Ride It" was quite good, but basically, that new Bananarama single sounds mostly the same but is rather better, "Desire" sounds too much like early, superior B-side "Summertime", and of the album tracks, only really "Loving Me Back To Life" is interesting.

At 5:46 pm, Blogger Elanor said...

But why is Tiffani Amber Thiessen on the cover of Geri's album? That just makes no sense.


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