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Wednesday, June 15


Sorry, we're going to be a bit quiet this week. It's just how it is. But we have three things for you to mull over:

1. ROBYN IS HERE. By this we mean that we have FINALLY received our delivery of her incredible new album. IS IT our album of the half-year? Yes WHO KNOWS. But please consider how excellent her Vivienne Westwood-inspired collar is on the album cover. And how good Swedish things always are. And her little "Robyn" nametag sticker being the only writing on the sleeve at all.

You honestly need this album BADLY. We don't say things like that much, but we're BLOODY SAYING IT NOW.

2. TAMARA JABER IS MAD. By this we mean that she describes the video for her new single "Heartbreak" thus: "I'm going to be burning on a crucifix on a torture wheel." She has also apparently professed that she would like her future clips to be "arty, like Susan Sarandon movies." We look rather forward to her Banger Sisters "reenactment". We totally do!

What an absolute CARD of a girl. We still despise her repulsive boyfriend.

3. GRETEL KILLEEN (OUR LADY) IS HOSTING GMA. Tomorrow! Thursday! Tape it! Miss it at your peril! This is going to be absolutely amazing.

See you in a few days time!


At 10:03 pm, Blogger popgoescanberra said...

For once I want to be sick so I can stay home and watch GMA!

I love Tamara. Good on her.


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