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Wednesday, June 1


Oh look. We were reading some stuff yesterday about the current Tammin "record" and how there's a sped-up version of the current single in the form of a "Metro mix" which is apparently the "second best thing this month". "Wheeeee!", we thought. Then, we became quite decisive and purposeful and immediately "drafted" a screamy "advance" Fop posting entitled "We now love Tammin Sursok". We then went to JB HiFi to get the single (there were literally HUNDREDS of them. What on earth is going on with pop CD-single ordering in this nation, please?) and had an odd chat with the sales boy who noted that "Tammin was actually in here shopping today."
What did she buy, we enquired, hoping she at least had the foresight to pick up a few of her own tragically over-ordered single.
"The Ben Lee album," he replied contemptuously.
"She got the Amerie single as well," shouted a hilarious woman behind the counter with amazing hair that was halfway between that of Kellies Clarkson and Osbourne.
We raised an eyebrow. Amerie? Ben LEE? This did not bode well for the quality of Tammin's own "Metro mix". (We're not sure why it didn't. But you'd have to agree - it didn't.)

Then we RAN to Fop Towers to listen to the single, and more precisely, to the Metro Mix. BUT. IT IS COMPLETELY SHITHOUSE! Can you even IMAGINE? We have never listened much when people decry sped-up versions of existing songs as being "pointless" - at least Almighty usually have the common courtesy to bump the tempo right up and stick a massive, beepy/bleepy riff throughout the song and put a whooshing noise before every single chorus. Pointless? We think not. But this Metro Mix of "Whatever Will Be" has NONE of that. The whole thing has the aggregate effect of drinking a little bottle of plain mineral water that has had the lid off overnight. It is the next day now and we are still feeling hurt and emotionally confused massively ripped off like we wasted a little bit less than five Australian dollars. (Also, "Whatever Will Be" should be a better song than it is, considering its Scandinavian pedigree. Perhaps Tammin has simply sucked all the life out of it, which would be BLOODY RIGHT.)

Tammin has signed the single; will this increase its eBay value very much do you think


At 7:05 pm, Blogger popgoescanberra said...

I'm so tired of pop singers not actually liking pop music.

Ben Lee is so tiresome. I liked him in The Rage in Placid Lake but his music is hideous. "Catch my disease" is cheese for pretentious twats. Coon all the way for me thank you very much.


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