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Friday, June 3


BB05 started off with such promise - Gretel barking at the crowd to "Sit down!" as her first words for the series, the great twins trickery, all the catty girls. And there was, admittedly, a "screaming argument" today between Geneva and Rachael. But, it all just seems to have detoured into dullsville recently. To wit:

14:59 Vesna reveals she can’t braid hair and Michael is disappointed in her.

and then:

Greg, Glenn and Vesna talk about getting their hair cut.

There are pages and pages of this sort of rivetting copy in the official diary. HONESTLY. It is getting quite bad. We noted recently that they badly need to make it gayer this year. And we bloody reiterate it now. There is a SAUNA in that house for GOODNESS SAKE. If they had a single clue, they'd fill the place with oversexed and bitchy gays and let them rip each other to shreds in every conceivable sense and televise the lot of it. ("They already have that show. It's called GMA with Bert," whooped Jo from Freeway 9 when we told her this Great Idea.)

Kris Noble should probably be decapitated for wrecking this show. We wouldn't stay for another year of this, if we were Gretel*.

* Now there's an idea


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