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Wednesday, June 8


The absolute best thing ever with shithouse popstars is when they do something that is just going to make them a complete joke for the rest of their careers. For example (1): Guy Sebastian opening a Jesus-y anti-abortion counselling service/cafe. For example (2): Whoever is doing Anthony Callea's PR not seeming too concerned that THE ENTIRE NATION considers him to be A Tiny Little Outer Suburban Gay and that he's meant to be denying it, and having conspicuously female love interests in his videos (which we understand to be actually shot in dolls' houses whenever interior settings are necessitated, given Anthony's "unfortunate stature restrictions").

JUST LOOK what his new single is called, please:

"Hurts So Bad."

OH. DEAR. Please let the great jokes COMMENCE.

(We note that if it hurts THAT bad he may well be "doing it wrong")

(Also, has his head been photoshopped onto the body, for that cover)

We probably shouldn't be too mean about Callea since he's kindly invited our beloved Tina's Cousins on his tour with him. But we advise that a few great jokes at his inevitable expense are available, and that these should be made "where possible".


At 2:46 pm, Blogger Lucy Tartan said...

At the local JB hifi under Anthony's huge painted head it says "OUT NOW"

At 9:31 pm, Blogger popgoescanberra said...


Is that a Steps cover with a slightly different name? "You know it wouldn't hurt so bad/if it didn't feel so good" - I can't help but like The Prayer when ice skating, despite the fact that I hate it everywhere else.


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