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Thursday, May 19


What we think about Tori, so you know, is that she is the sort of unusual and demanding artist who we really feel we should be trying quite a bit harder with. Everything she does seems to be of an extremely high quality, but there is just so much to get through, and we are SO LAZY, instead preferring songs of no more than 3 minutes 30 duration! For instance, we are still trying to get our heads around "Boys For Pele" which we purchased on its release in 1996 - and she has made approximately one new album every fortnight since then. Her show last night reflected this high level of output. We barely recognised any songs. However, she was very GOOD of course, and it didn't matter that we didn't quite know what she was, eg, doing. We viewed her in the relative comfort of the Melbourne Concert Hall, whatever it's being called this week. And we have these rather limited observations:

* The most thrilling part was during the "Tori's Piano Bar" segment of the show, where she does cover versions that her fans (mental, by the way!) request on her website for each show. In a geniunely poignant gesture, she did a song last night for her "sista", Kylie Minogue ("I think it's important to sing this song tonight") which turned out to be a chilling and fairly extraordinary version of "Can't Get You Out Of My Head". Emotion-inducing and highly lovely

* She played song after song after song, and it appeared quite effortless. She also spoke no more than 30 words to the audience the entire show

* Tori wants to give value for money! For example, at the start of the "Tori's Piano Bar" segment, when her technical "team" took too long to put the "Tori's Piano Bar" sign up on the screen, she gently chided them, "Don't waste time!" ie, "I have over one thousand more songs to play and I cannot spare a SINGLE MINUTE." Which made the fact that the only time she really spoke to the audience it was about Kylie, even more poignant

* Sometimes she plays two pianos at once! One isn't even a piano, it's a Hammond organ, quite possibly

* She's got her, some horses, to ride on, to ride on **

* We completely love her now

** We can only presume this is correct. Because she didn't actually do that one


At 9:31 am, Blogger Jess said...

I completely love her now and I didn't even see her! I especially loved the bit about the Kylie dedication.


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