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Saturday, May 7


You'd be almost correct in thinking that all we do here at Fop these days is carry on about sped-up versions of familiar songs and bemoan the lack of Gretel Killeen-related material on TV. It really is about all we're capable of. But we do have some other things that we like, and one is Nicole Kidman. We LOVE her, so you know, and we have just seen this:

Yes, her BIRTH. We saw her Birth last week and it is by FAR (if by "by far" one means "by half a Gretel out of ten possible Gretels", where "Gretels" are the official measure of value/quality since it is Big Brother season) the best film of the year.

This is a very good thing, this film. Because:

* Nicole is completely exceptional
* Mad Anne Heche is also, surprisingly, exceptional
* There is a creepy little child wreaking havoc with everyone
* But it's not all gimmicky plot twists
* Instead it's all proper character development and economical dialogue

See? It's GREAT. Let's have a look, now, at the Nicole Kidman's best ever films top 10. This list is entirely definitive.

1. Birth
2. Dogville
3. Portrait of a Lady
4. To Die For
5. The Hours
6. Bush Christmas
7. Dead Calm
8. In The Cut (yes, we KNOW that was Meg Ryan. But she was basically channelling Nicole. So it can be included)
9. Eyes Wide Shut
10. The Others

76. Malice
77. Practical Magic


At 2:46 pm, Blogger Jess said...

Foppery Foppenstein, I am disturbed by the notable lack of her finest work in your list of films - where on EARTH is BMX Bandits? Her performance in that movie moved me to tears.

The way she gently rebuffed Goose in the graveyard whilst on the run from the masked criminals?

Her hardcore BMX education, a skill which has no doubt served her well countless times in hollywood?

The erotic way she pipes up "You know what they say - two is a party, three gets us talked about" whilst hugging PJ and Goose in Manly?

I thought you KNEW film!

At 2:49 pm, Blogger Crystal Gallagher-Starr said...

The film poster looks like the new Oasis album cover! Really it does!

At 5:19 pm, Blogger Jellyfish said...

Fop, could our obsessions BE any more in tandem? I. Love. Nicole! Even though I think she is often somewhat challenged as an actress (see attempts at slapstick 'humour' in Moulin Rouge), I still LOVE her! What about Cold Mountain? She was really quite good in that, even thought she was obviously holding the make up department hostage so they wouldn't put any dirt on her face.

Also - Batman Forever. Best Onscreen Psychiatrist called 'Chase,' ever.


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