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Thursday, May 19


To celebrate Eurovision week, Crystal has hilariously administered a fucking terrifying delightful Love Pavilion and Lizjournals joint venture! Name of "Feel Good Inc." (it should, we have to pedantically tell you, be "Pty Ltd" and not "Inc" if it really is a company registered in Australia, which of course it IS), it appears to involve Damon Albarn running the company and supplying the great jokes, and other services provided by some absolute dregs glittering stars of Eurovision 2003 (Germany's Lou, and Austria's HIDEOUS Alf Poier).

Now, Crystal has urgently requested we headhunt some new employees who will understand and be able to correctly apply the Feel Good Inc ethos, preferably from out of Eurovision 2005. So who ELSE could we possibly suggest than this year's Estonian representatives, the madcap Suntribe?!

Suntribe: Pearl necklaces ahoy

You HAVE to get Damon to give them a job, Crystal - just LOOK how suited they are to your company on the basis of the nicely ESL lyrics of their Eurovision song "Let's Get Loud" (not the tinny affair once served up by Jenny Lopez, incidentally):

Exhibit A: I'm hot like Indian spice, like boiling water!

Exhibit B: So turn the power on, gimme the guitar! No time for misery - alright!

Exhibit C: Open the windows, scream and shout!

Exhibit D: C'mon girls! Sing along that song!

Exhibit E: Boring yesterday is gone!

Also, do you know what else they love, apart from getting loud and tearing it up in a significant way? No? Well. What they love, viewers, is VOWELS. Don't believe us? Well, why not consider their names (you may like to shield your eyes a little for this):

* Daana!
* Jaanika!
* Rebecca!

* Laura!

And, Crystal and Damon, if you are STILL not convinced, please let Rebecca do the talking:

"I think it's the best song to be sent to Eurovision this year - energetic, happy and cheery!" - Rebecca

Clearly it will be tough for any other applicants to match the extreme levels of dedication to Feel Good Inc. and vowel-loving that have been demonstrated by Suntribe. We await Damon's decision.

(Stupidly, despite the Guardian saying that "Suntribe appear to be the Estonian Girls Aloud", these great performers now appear unlikely to make the Eurovision final - but you can still see them banging out "Let's Get Loud" in the semifinal on SBS on Friday night! DO NOT, eg, MISS IT.)


At 4:18 pm, Blogger Crystal Gallagher-Starr said...

I love this whole post to death. Thank you.

At 4:23 pm, Blogger Edward O said...

Estonian is rather similar to Finnish, so that would explain the double-As.

I think it's a good song, yes, responsible for the same person who did "Club Kung-Fu" for Vanilla Ninja in their failed Estonian bid of aught-three.

At 6:15 pm, Blogger Mel said...

Some of those Suntribe lyrics deserve their own t-shirt slogan.

I am a big fan of "come on girls, sing along that song"


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