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Thursday, March 24


What is VERY exciting and is helping us to get over the Nikki Webster business is this: Our good and eminent girlfriend Courtney Love appears to have got it together to the extent that she has been able to contribute her considerable vocals to a song called "Love Love Love". We've got a bit to tell you about this! Listen!

* It is NOT a Sinitta cover, so just get that (admittedly delightful) thought out of your minds please!
* It is a collaboration with Roddy Bottum, he of Faith No More (boo!) and Imperial Teen (hurrah!) fame!
* It is a 1940s big-band affair!
* It was originally meant for P!nk to sing!
* But they gave it to Courtney instead!

AND, most interestingly:

* It's for the soundtrack of Parker Posey's return to proper independent filmmaking, a movie called "Adam And Steve", which is to be out this year!
* Adam And Steve is written and directed by the wondrous Craig Chester, whose book "Why The Long Face" is something you simply MUST read, if you enjoy David Sedaris "et al"!
* The last time Parker worked with Craig Chester, it was in a confusing film about gay serial killers called Frisk!
* We obviously loved it!
* And we will almost certainly love this!

Isn't it good news to see Parker, Craig, Courtney and Roddy, "together at last"? YES! It almost makes up for the fact that we believe Parker to have signed up for the new Superman movie, a development of which we cannot approve, unfortunately. Wheeee!


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