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Wednesday, March 30


It is NOT just The Symposiasts who go out in Melbourne and see things, you know. We do too! We sure do! And last night we kicked off the good part of our Melbourne Comedy Festival viewings (the ghastly part began and ended last week with the tedious Ross Noble and his revolting audience of Triple J-listening, pink polo neck with the collar up with distressed jeans-wearing, mobile phone picture-taking audience. How DARE he do a show with an interval! That is JUST TOO LONG! And then he came out for "question time" at the end. Can't you just get off so we can leave? is the question WE would have liked to ask) by going to the Sista She show!

They are AMAZING, viewers. Do you know, they rap, make the funny, do a little sketch/skit, dance (involving astonishingly choreographed routines), provide humourous facial expressions, and so forth? And they have a girl DJ, name of Busty, who is a bit like their very own Spindarella! Busty undeniably "cut it up" significantly more than "one time". Sista She are in full, demonstrable effect!

(You know, if you're a bit of a dickhead, you might find them a bit womany and politically heavyhanded and earnest. But we didn't! You probably won't! They are political and clever, which we do admittedly enjoy - but it was always fun and never laboured. And they really do dance exceptionally well, so maybe just shut up about any concerns you may have, and simply go and view them! We rarely get these things wrong.)

NEXT: We are viewing Rebel Wilson, aka Toula from television's Pizza! (and the Rachel and Jen on the Lounge ads for Telstra/Australian Idol from last year which we loved and everyone else appeared to hate. For GOODNESS SAKE, those ads were the best thing on Australian TV last year.)


At 3:52 pm, Blogger sjusju said...

did they do the masturbation song?

they are fabulous. they should be a support act for margaret cho! i'm sure she could *cho* them a thing or two!

At 6:59 pm, Blogger popgoescanberra said...

In one of my rare Triple J moments I happened to hear their rather brilliant "Do ya have a big dick" song. Love it! I've actually been wanting a copy of it.

At 3:58 am, Blogger Elanor said...

I'm glad you also think Ross Noble is arse. He was very funny in the year 2000, when I first saw him. But he has been worse every year since and is now not worth thinking about. Hmph!

I really want to see Sista She. Their show, I mean. Because, of course, I have 'seen' them before, you know, 'around'. On Sunday I saw them in Flinders Lane. Yep. Just walking around. Not dancing, though, so obviously not as good. And last year, at the womany and politically heavy-handed and earnest 3CR, where they came to do an interview and such, I dazzled them with my, 'Hello, would you like a cup of tea?' bit.

At 9:18 am, Blogger Fop said...

Elanor, I agree about Ross - I thought he was great last time I saw him, too, which was probably about 4 years ago. But he's become more self-indulgent and generally crap than I can manage. Did I mention his uninspiring show was IN TWO ACTS?

And re Sista She, you MUST view them. You can meet them at the end of the show (even though you already have)! I wanted to, but felt ridiculous and left.

SjuSju - they mentioned Margaret Cho in one of their songs! But Cho is bringing her own support act - Bruce Daniels. He's in her moivie too!

Popgoescanberra, you would LOVE them. Sadly the big dick song was not "undertaken" - but I understand it's on their CD...



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