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Wednesday, March 2


Wasn't she GREAT?

YES SHE WAS! Let's consider what Nikki provided last night, in list form:

* poise!
* grace!
* diligence and application!
* respect for the genre!
* respect for ballroom dancing generally, as evidenced in the delightful way she accepted the lady judge's technical critique (as opposed to that twattish Home and Away boy, with his demented youthful "attitude" and his associated attempts to bring ballroom dancing to the "new school". Kindly SIT DOWN and SHUT UP)!
* a partner who gets better and better looking each week (name of Sasha. And contrary to what we first thought, perhaps he is not a gay! PERHAPS. Wouldn't that be nice for Nikki? It's be good if something went right for her for a change. We hope he is not a gay.)!

How did Holly "Grizzly" Brisley score higher than her, please? And did everyone notice how disgusted Holly was when Sonia Kruger punched out a funny about Holly marrying her partner and her name then becoming Holly Wood? COULD THIS BE because such a change would make it rather difficult for Holly to cash any number of cheques made out to "Holly Brisley" in the amount of AU$23.20? Crystal, we look forward to your reading of the situation.

Other highlights:

* Ian Roberts' breasts
* General hilarity involving the Bond cellist
* The judges' response to Derryn's terrible efforts

That ought to suffice for now, perhaps.How is this even a TV show


At 9:49 am, Blogger Guy said...

Ahhh, Nikki's back, and nothing if not polite. I had much fun reading her website a few months ago, particularly the bits where they proclaim to be so "excited" by the fact that her record label DUMPED HER eg "What an exciting year for Nikki with all this... freedom!!!!". For a similar vibe, check out, and

At 6:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

BRISLEY'S HOT...nikki's not

At 4:20 pm, Anonymous Ray said...

As a bloke who isn't a Nikki fan, I can say with absolute objectivity that Nikki Webster is infinitely more talented than Holly Brisley.


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