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Tuesday, February 1


Heavens to Betsy, The Love Pavilion is back!

And it all appears to be the product of judicious nagging of Crystal by us and Ausculture. And the brilliant Michael has signed up again too! This is fucking AMAZING news, and we thought there was a good chance Jess Ausculture was tricking us when she let us know. But it is completely true! We hope:

* that it really is forever this time;
* that it's straight back to 5 updates a day (each);
* that they don't give up their respective Lizzes; and
* that this will discourage CFB Goes Pop from shutting down once the year is out.

We honestly could not be more pleased about this. Well done Crystal!


At 4:37 pm, Blogger Jo said...

But where are YOU, Fop, WHERE ARE YOU?! Two weeks and no updates! How am I to know your take on Sara-Marie circa Dancing with the Stars, or the latest Patrick Wolk release?! Speak to us, O Fop, SPEAK. The natives are getting restless.


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