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Friday, February 18


We are SO not supporting the latest crop of Nikki Webster bashing in which the DAMN Murdoch press is blithely engaging. (In "executive summary", Sydney Confidential and others have been recently been busting out various tedious works about how Nikki is overqualified for Dancing With The Stars due to having a "dancing background". Sydney Confidential also claims that it is in receipt of "numerous calls and emails" from its furious readers, which sounds not at all like someone trying to make a story out of nothing.)

You know, we have always loved Nikki, despite:

* The frankly offensive hidden meaning of the lyrics to "Strawberry Kisses"
* The overinvolvement in her recording career of the hideous Chong Lim
* Ugly album covers
* The ongoing mismanagement (of Sophie Monk-esque proportions)culminating in the poorly conceived decision to target toddler, rather than potentially less discerning gay fans

And as we keep mentioning, instead of getting to release her last album which contained, we understand, a Euro-tastic cover of the amazing A Teens song "Closer To Perfection", her record company abandoned the "project" that would surely have made her a fabulous and proper star, forced out an indigestible Greatest Hits of sorts instead and promptly dumped her two weeks later. We love Nikki because she is the only Australian popstar to be unable to pretend to be anything she isn't. She has never "gone pop-rock". It is unlikely that she would ever have done an R 'n B album. She is potentially the most proper pop thing in this nation. And Nikki is now at a time in her life where she needs a bit of success and adulation. Her chips are down, for goodness sakes. Leave her be, Rupert Murdoch, you absolute TURD!


At 9:11 am, Blogger sjusju said...

oh yes. nikki webster.

proper pop-ish or not, she's icky. adolescence was bad enough the first time around without watching some curly-haired stage-parented twink sing and tapdance her way through hers.

maybe it is "curse of the child star" - once the public have gotten to know you as a cute button of a child, your subsequent appearance in slinky dresses trying to out-sex britney has a ring of pedophilia - even if it is the natural product of growing up.

and how can you have a "greatest hits" album when you are 15 years old?

maybe she just needs to chrysalis for a while and re-appear as a mini-kylie gay diva?

At 10:35 am, Blogger Jo said...

She needs to have a steamy affair with Ryan Adams and release an ironic duet with Tom Waits, methinks.

Chong Lim rocks.


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