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Sunday, February 27


It's number 18, first week in. (We had predicted 15, and Ausculture thought, hilariously, it would debut at number 8. Crystal thought 19 and so is closest.)

This is really quite bad isn't it.


At 11:47 pm, Blogger Jess said...

Bear in mind that I have never heard the song so my guess was solely based on an apparently optimistic estimation regarding young Casey's fan base!

Is it (the tune) utter pants?

And has she lost a lot of weight, or have they squished the picture width in Photoshop?

At 8:33 am, Blogger Fop said...

Hello! It isn't absolutely terrible - I thought it hit all the right buttons. I don't love it but I don't want to see her crash and burn just yet.

And they have really done something weird to her for the single cover! It doesn't even look like her.

Jess, I have been listening to your CDs this weekend! Even though I have expressed this before, I really do like them a lot. Do you know "The Kick Inside" was on both? Not that I mind, though!

At 9:54 am, Blogger Crystal Gallagher-Starr said...

I was just going on her "showings" in radio request countdowns the past week. She was always around the 18/19/20 mark, and I figured that the same kids who ring up are the ones who buy singles. So I was being quite logical.


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