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Friday, January 28


Today, viewers, is ausculture's 100th birthday! Yes, our favourite interweb empire is one hundred years old* today, and we just couldn't be prouder. Here at Fop, we've had a beautiful electric relationship with The Ausculture, ever since we were hooked a time ago by Jess's provision of a revolting recipe for Dolly Parton's mother's artery-hardening corn bread. One hundred years! And they've built and maintained their "empire" status during this time by being a house of wit and style, we must point out. They have done it without being snide, or going for cheap, unoriginal bile-filled rants, which you see so often in Australian blogging these days DON'T YOU VIEWERS. And best of all, Ausculture makes quality, reliable blogging look like a piece of cake**! We issue our heartfelt congratulations to Jess and That Reclusive Guy, and strongly suggest you celebrate by reviewing a vintage The Ausculture gem which suggests some HIGH LARIOUS TV hybrids (including our favourite, The Blossom Girls). (We also liked Family Strokes very much.)

* One hundred internet years, mind. Ausculture is really 1 year old today, if you insist on being boring.

** A professional baker writes: "Aha, but not precisely! A piece of cake is a sweet, flour or almond meal based dessert, flavoured, mixed and baked to absolute perfection. The practice of blogging looks nothing like a piece of any cake in my experience. Thank you for your time."


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