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Sunday, January 23


You won't believe it viewers, but on their newish album This Island, womany shout-merchants Le Tigre proffer an alarmingly faithful rendition of Fop favourite "I'm So Excited (The Bum Dance)", originally recorded by Sara Marie and Sirens. This is not, we emphasise, a reading of the proper Pointer Sisters version. It is, in fact, clear that it was Sara-Marie and her Sirens' version that Le Tigre used as their artistic starting point. Genius! While we like this a LOT, and note that cover versions like this can only contribute to our enjoyment of the Le Tigre gig in Melbourne we are to attend in a couple of weeks' time, it also makes us wonder: what on earth is next, in terms of pop incongruities? For a start we'd like to see Courtney Love and Delta Goodrem (together at last) duetting melodiously on a cover of the Steps classic "I Know Him So Well" (Courtney would obviously sing all of Claire's parts). And let's not forget our boundless hope for a Christmas single by The Kelly Gang (a supergroup featuring Kellies Osborne, Llorenna, Clarkson and Rowland). And imagine how hilarious if that pushy old woman Shauna Jensen who was employed as a judge on the ill-considered Popstars Live after Christine Anu left in a strop was deployed as a vocalist for a budget Almighty pop-dance remake of a well-known Britney single? (Oh.*)

We can but hope, and dream, viewers.

* The review of this song twitters that "Shauna is a huge name in Sydney." While this is news to us, may we observe at this juncture these specifics are likely to be correct. Having been in Sydney for the past three months, Shauna Jensen does appear to us to be the sort of person who would be endlessly popular in that fetid, soulless, essentially uninhabitable hades (whereas she would not be enjoyed in more tasteful places, eg, Melbourne).


At 1:34 am, Blogger Jess said...

William Fopface III, I am disappointed!

"fetid, soulless, essentially uninhabitable hades"

I have tried my best to make it bearable and yet it seems I have failed DISMALLY. Hmmph!

At 9:08 am, Blogger Fop said...

Yes, I thought that might get a rise...Oh Jess, I'm sorry! That was written after a particularly bad Sydney public transport experience. I don't hate it all the time - and you have definitely made it infinitely more bearable! SWEAR.


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