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Friday, January 28


How unnaturally thrilled we were last night when wading through the televisual molasses that is the dying throes of The Secret Life of Us, we spotted an ad for a The Nanny Reunion that is to air on Channel 10 on Monday night! THE NANNY! Named FRAN, viewers! Man, we used to LOVE The Nanny. Although most The Nanny fans claim that Niles was the best character, it should surprise exactly none of you that our favourite was, of course, Miss Babcock and her lovely blonde bob and her Manhattan style and her condescending "Oh Nanny Fine"s. That Miss Babcock, she was a THING!

And remember when Bette Midler was on and ran around the Sheffield's lounge room swatting at Fran with her Chanel "purse"? And that GENIUS theme song and animated opening credits? We used to be so happy when Channel 10 was showing The Nanny basically daily and you would simply be unable to turn on the TV without hearing the opening strains ("Dee, dee dee dee, dee dee DEE! She was working in a bridal shop in Flushing, Queens, till her boyfriend kicked her out in one of those crushing SCENES!") A The Nanny reunion is exactly what the world needs right now, we thought, literally scrawling the screening time for the reunion WITHIN OUR DIARIES.

So you can imagine how bitterly disappointed we were to review the scathing comments on the The Nanny Reunion over at the Incorrect Movie Database. In summary:

* No Niles!
* Fran's home movies are very blurry!
* There is a very poor range of bloopers!
* Fran and Mr Sheffield keep kissing each other in an unsettling fashion!
* Dud guest appearances (ie Danny Bonaduce)!
* Generally a wasted opportunity!

We may just watch Starstruck instead, bloody.


At 12:47 pm, Blogger Jo said...

HOW can you have a Nanny reunion without Niles?! It's like Happy Days without The Fonz, Family Matters without Urkel or All Together Now without the lovable rogue Wayne (Bruno Lucia's finest hour).

And the sexual tension between Niles and CC! Sizzling!!


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