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Monday, January 17


Catharine Lumby! How DARE you deride the tremendous Germaine Greer in an article that pretends to have something to do with Germaine's participation in Celebrity Big Brother but instead shrilly denounces her for saying (some time ago) that some women feel compelled to perform various sexual acts they do not enjoy on account of the cajoling of women's magazines (a claim that most people would surely consider uncontroversial)! Additionally, since when has the execrable Mia Freedman been a "bright young feminist"? If you ever amass even a twentieth of the cultural relevance of Ms Greer, appear on Absolutely Fabulous (or similar), have widespread media prominence for being anything other than the PR for a football club, and accrue any real feminist credentials aside from a flimsy pamphlet that the MURDOCH PRESS (ie, we wouldn't brag about it) feted for 10 minutes in 1997, then perhaps, PERHAPS, then, you might have standing to mount a critique of Germaine Greer. PERHAPS.

(Fop, for the record, fucking LOVES Germaine Greer. And we now HATE Catharine Lumby. Sorry, but it's true. Germaine Greer is to Catharine Lumby as Bjork is to Amity Dry.)


At 11:34 am, Blogger Jess said...

I have it on good account that this Catherine Lumpy woman is also a verified bag snatcher! Hiss!


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