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Sunday, January 23


So. Last night, we trotted along like My Little Pony to see the Frente reunion gig at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne. And it was marvellous, viewers! We don't care about all the hating that appears to be going on over in the various comments pages at - we have always loved Frente - particularly when they are at their most cloying and twee. It was truly a beautiful thing to see that Angie Hart and Simon Austin have well and truly buried the hatchet and have got it together to the extent that they are able to bang out almost all the "old favourites". Here is a picture of a hatchet similar to the one that Angie and Simon buried:

Now, where were we. The gig, right. Thinking about it today, Angie Hart reminds us a lot of Kylie Minogue in manner, if not stylistically. Both women are diligent, straightfoward, workmanlike performers. They know what the audience wants, and they proceed to go out, night after night, and flawlessly provide it, in a style that could only be described as "consummately professional". No dicking around, no vocal histrionics, no unnecessary carrying on - they both just DO THEIR JOB. A significant difference, however, is that while Kylie has come to terms with her past and now bangs out "Hand on your heart" to anyone who'll listen, Angie refused last night, as she did the last time we saw Frente back in 1996, to perform "Accidently Kelly Street". It's as though the song just DOESN'T EXIST! This is all very unfortunate. Fop can assure Ms Hart, "Accidently Kelly Street" definitely does exist and will continue to do so, in the minds and hearts of anyone who was in the mood for some charming, pretty and unique Australian pop back in 1994. Without that song, Frente would be LARGELY UNKNOWN! How DARE they leave it out, at their reunion gig! We recognise that the omission of "AKS" was almost certainly due to the fact that the song made Frente something of a joke, mainly because of an unfunny D-Generation song parody that picked up on the jaunty nature of the song and the oversized props in the video - how terribly incisive that was. And we know, to some extent, how Angie and Frente feel, about having a musical embarrassment of sorts in one's "repertoire" - here at Fop, we have experienced the full gamut of derision and physical abuse on account of our ownership of, and love for, our maxi-single of that bloated mid-90s opus, "It's All Coming Back To Me Now" by Celine Dion. But do you know, that in recent times, we seem to be experiencing more respect and less outright hatred as a result of our love for The Celine. It's time to EMBRACE our musical embarrassments, Angie Hart - especially when they are the most out-and-out pop moments of our short careers. No one at a Frente reunion gig is going to give you any grief for performing "Accidently Kelly Street", for goodness sake! Why, millions of Australian, and possibly New Zealander, children were enthralled by that song! Surely Kelly Street haters are negligible minority these days. Stand up and be proud of your big hits! The shame ends here! (And the same applies to you Tina Arena, in respect of "I Need Your Body" - HOW can this, the best song you ever put your name to by a country MILE, NOT be on your Greatest Hits, you RIDICULOUS WOMAN?)


At 1:00 am, Blogger Edward O said...

To be fair, the Clunk! EP was a fair-sized hit (Top 10) before AKS, so they would STILL have been known. Just not so much.

I missed the one in Brisbane due to some shit, I envy you, you lucky Fop.

At 1:33 pm, Blogger Jo said...

I saw the Sydney Frente show and it was a beautiful thing. Someone from the crowd called for 'Here You Come Again', their gorgeous Dolly P cover, but alas Angie refused (in quite a stern manner). Perhaps the difference between Angie and Kylie is that Kylie long ago had a metamorphosis in cool and hence could 'reclaim' her embarassing songs and in doing so be hailed for her deft use of irony. Angie clearly feels that less kind interpretations would apply to her.
PS Apparently Tina puts the exclusion of I Need Your Body to 'record company differences' and not to cringeworthy memories of flouncing around in a film clip with her boobs out.

At 2:53 pm, Blogger Darp said...

I still love the Lonely EP. It's got that collaboration with Ween on it, (Get Real). Angie's voice is still fantastic. Frente rulez!

At 10:32 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simon says: At her recent concert, Tina spoke about her "first album" - Don't Ask, and its first single Chains. Not only does she refuse to sing it, she also denies it ever existed. But it was a ripper concert, for the record... (and yes, I also own Celine's It's All Coming Back To Me, I have no shame)

At 10:18 am, Anonymous Grant said...

I love Tina Arena no matter what but I am kind of disappointed having 'I Need Your Body' left out from her Greatest Hits record.

'I Need Your Body' shaped me up as a gay boy! :P


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