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Monday, December 13


Would anyone care to provide us with some format of recording of Avril Lavigne punching out "perennial favourite" "O Holy Night"? Because, it sounds as though it may be VERY GOOD, and obviously "sacred", etc. Will she, eg, do the octave, and so forth.

EDIT: Oh YES, it seems to be on an ambitious little heap from last year entitled "Maybe This Xmas Too". The people on the internet consider that perhaps it isn't so fabulous. FOR INSTANCE, an illiterate New Yorker called "Muzax" does not like it. Eg (and we have put the best bits in bold): "This would be an exceptional track if you lose TONE DEAF teeny bopper Avril Lavigne! With singers like her in the music biz makes you wonder who the HELL is giving out record deals. I would rather lavish my ears with Britney than listen to this TONE DEAF song (When Avril Lavigne opens her pie hole!)" In summary this screed is rather convincing, and we particularly approve of the resurrection of the term "pie hole". However, this funny old sausage then proceeds to give horrific caterwauling Christians Sixpence None The Richer the good grades for their reading of "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear", which suggests that his/her reviews are unreliable. Or simply CORRUPT.

We would still be delighted by the Avril, however.


At 5:03 pm, Blogger sjusju said...

sixpence is all it takes, is it, to bribe an internet music ("muzax") reviewer?

cheap whore.

At 5:04 pm, Blogger sjusju said...

oh i thought you were advertising a pharmaceutical to do away with my "aunt dot".

what WOULD lil kim say about that?


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